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Incredible Witness is a funhouse exercise in phenomenology and the physics of compassion, a participatory project based on the premise that sensory perception is at the root of rational compassion and empathetic connection. The project takes the form of a series of games and interactive environments that are built to provoke discussion and give people visceral insight into the deep internal lives of others.

Collaborators as of March 2016: Lauren Bierly, Clarinda Mac Low, and Allison Parrish, with contributions from Chris Cochrane and Kevin Bud Jones

Incredible Witness Research:

Ludwig’s Orchard
Ludwig’s Orchard uses words from Ludwig Wittgenstein’s fragmentary Remarks on Colour, from 1951, to dissect perception and language. Shot, edited, and performed by Clarinda Mac Low.

Color Wheel and Color Block
2012-2014: These are two short videos constructed for for Color, a piece that was precursor to Incredible Witness, work about differences in sensory perception. The sound score for Color Wheel is by Chris Cochrane and Kevin Bud Jones. The sound score for Color Block is by Guy Yarden. The pieces are based on experiments and conversations I conducted with three color-blind men; Chris Cochrane (a musician), Colin McNally (an astrophysicist), and Alec Gessner (a carpenter). All video work was constructed at Yaddo artists’ community in Saratoga Springs, NY.